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The Freedom DNA

It can take a long journey to find out who God has called you to be. As a people, as a church, we must always remember who that is, and what DNA should run through our identity as a movement, but more so as a the individuals who make the movement! This is who we are.

Changeling // Change is EVERYTHING!

04/10/2020 | Pastor Gary Snowzell

First and Best // What is devotion?

04/10/2020 | Kris Coppock

Wildfire // Why should I be passionate?

11/10/2020 | Josh Snowzell

We Will Elevate // You gotta wash feet!

01/11/2020 | Josh Snowzell

Heart and Soul // Sold out for the Family

01/11/2020 | Pastor Gary Snowzell

Punching Above our Weight // Giant Killers

02/11/2020 | Pastor Gary Snowzell

Relentless Reaching // See with your heart

08/11/2020 | Sian Vermaut

Live Full Die Empty // Risk, daring and adventure

09/11/2020 | Pastor Gary Snowzell

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