The Cave 2018: Eternity | Freedom Church

The Cave 2018: Eternity

The Cave is Freedom Church's annual gathering where we come together to experience God and hear life-changing vision for our church and for our lives. This year God was reminding us to turn our eyes not just to the here and now and the material things of existence, but to have our hearts set on eternity. 2018 was unlike any Cave we had experienced before. Here is every message and every creative in which we were taken to the judgement room for 5 characters, as they faced God at the end of their lives. Remember, you will do far more in this world if you keep your heart set on the next. There is no condemnation - but there are consequences. This finite life determines your infinite future...

Session 1: The Foundations of Eternity

15/06/2018 | Pastor Gary Snowzell

Session 2: The Incomplete Gospel

15/06/2018 | Pastor Gary Snowzell

Session 3: Run Your Race

15/06/2018 | Dave Thomas

Session 5: Forgiveness Countdown

15/06/2018 | Pastor Gary Snowzell

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