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Soul Full

We are not just chemistry. We are a soul with a body, and just like the body your soul can be unhealthy. The soul is our essence. The part of us that is decision maker. Choice-bearer. The centre of every emotion, moral and desire. It’s the core from where you cry from. It’s the reason you laugh. It’s why you long for love. It’s you. It’s yours. So you choose what to do with it. your soul full? In this teaching series we tackle mental health, emotions and living a life from the inside out by the influence and power of God.

Become master of your feelings and your words

09/02/2020 | Pastor Gary Snowzell

Control your soul's thermometer

15/02/2020 | Pastor Gary Snowzell

The power of the GIF

23/02/2020 | Pastor Gary Snowzell

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