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Our church has been on a long journey. And on a long journey you can forget or lose some of who you are. Over the years, there have been some landmark messages that set culture and helped define us as a people. In this series we remember those truths, who God is and who we are as a result. Healthy, heavenly nostalgia - beats amnesia, right?

Jesus: Lamb or Lion?

18/02/2018 | Pastor Gary Snowzell

Get Free: Resistance Interrupts Complacency

04/03/2018 | Pastor Gary Snowzell

Live a feral faith life...we should be wild!

11/03/2018 | Pastor Gary Snowzell

Honour...and live long

18/03/2018 | Pastor Gary Snowzell

Inception: Dream, believe, make a plan

01/04/2018 | Pastor Gary Snowzell

Know Your Value, Be a Troublemaker

08/04/2018 | Pastor Gary Snowzell

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