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Mental Health has never been more of an issue in society. Depression. Anxiety. OCD. These things are a common struggle for many people today; but the church has often been too silent or afraid to speak about it. It's time we listened to those in the middle of it and spoke up about how people can be liberated from it. There is a mental battle that people are losing - but God doesn't want it to be that way.

Overcoming Mental Health Issues

06/01/2019 | Pastor Gary Snowzell

Your Brain does not control you

13/01/2019 | Pastor Gary Snowzell

Mental Health in a World of Lies

20/01/2019 | Claire Hailwood

How your hurt is changing your genes

27/01/2019 | Pastor Gary Snowzell

Change your Mind, Change your Life

10/02/2019 | Pastor Gary Snowzell

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