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Live To Give

Money and giving. It's always an awkward subject, especially when we talk about it in church. But we shouldn't be ashamed or embarrassed about having the conversation, especially when it has a huge hold on our hearts in the world. Life decisions are made because of it, relationships break down because of it and having more of it never truly satisfies us. When we talk about the principle of giving the first and best to God and his intentions, especially money, it is more to do with developing trust and freedom in him. God doesn't need our money; but he does want our hearts. The practice of giving itself changes our hearts, and changes where our dependence lies. If we sort out seeking God's kingdom and intentions first, everything else will fall into place.

Tithing Your Heart

05/11/2017 | Pastor Gary Snowzell

Revelation of Giving

12/11/2017 | Pastor Gary Snowzell

If God's not great, don't give him anything

19/11/2017 | Pastor Perry Noble

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