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This series is a call to our true identity. When you begin to doubt yourself, remember Jesus is a lion and you are made in his spiritual image. Darkness asks for a fight so we must not turn our eyes from confrontation. The light of the lion will win. Even in silence we have an undeniable roar. This is Christ in us.
Humble in our royalty. Bold in the battle. Daring yet wise. He liberates the lion inside. We are wild yet resolved.

Bloody Lions with Skin in the Game

15/09/2019 | Pastor Gary Snowzell

Remember who you are, Simba!

22/09/2019 | Pastor Gary Snowzell

The Making of a Lion

29/09/2019 | Luke Hancorn

When you feel like giving up

06/10/2019 | Josh Cooke

The Missing Link (Don't stay at the cross)

13/10/2019 | Pastor Gary Snowzell

Have you got the right lion?

20/10/2019 | Saz Thomas

Fail Towards Success

27/10/2019 | Pastor Gary Snowzell

Let It Be: Mary The Lioness

03/11/2019 | Pastor Gary Snowzell

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