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Who else’s life has dictated time? Who else, in this way, has shaped the history of humankind? Who else has influenced music, literature, education, expression, charity, culture, architecture, art...the human connection. Who else could cause such a revolution in merely three years? From a small unknown town with twelve clueless volunteers? Who else was man, yet God through and through?
Who else, from the start, has always been there with you? No one else but Jesus. This series is all about who he is - and what he has for you.

Faithfulness is Fruitfulness

17/06/2018 | Pastor Gary Snowzell

Jesus the Test Maker

24/06/2018 | Rose Snowzell

How the church got communion wrong

01/07/2018 | Dave Thomas

Jesus has no grace for religion

08/07/2018 | Pastor Gary Snowzell

Jesus wants to make you uncomfortable

22/07/2018 | Pastor Gary Snowzell

Access the Father before Serving the King

29/07/2018 | Geoff Vermaut

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