Leaders | Freedom Church



Freedom Church is led by senior pastors Gary and Heather, who have been married for 29 years and have five sons: Josh, Luke, Jordan, Isaac and Solomon. They have been leading church for over 25 years.

Their passion for God, the message of the gospel and for people make them dynamic and driven. They are creative, full of laughter and are sold out for the church.

They were leading a church in a small market town for 18 years before planting Freedom Church, and were running a business, as well as raising their five sons. They are full of character and experience, and are the first to point back to God's grace and goodness for why Freedom Church has grown in the way it has over the last few years.

"The biggest enemy is fear, it stamps out vision! We should take more risks, there is power in those that dare."

Pastor Gary Snowzell