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What Is It?

Academy is a year-long leadership course designed to train, equip, challenge and release young leaders into all that God has for them. The course involves classroom teaching, practical learning opportunities, pastoral care and leadership experience. We offer residential Academy in the UK and the US. Find out more below.

Why Academy?

Academy started over 10 years ago with a vision to raise and release leaders who will live with a passion for Jesus, and build His church. In Academy, you will develop your foundational understanding of the church, grow your personal relationship with Jesus, prayer life, and strengthen your character.

Academy in the UK

Interested in building the church? Join us for a residential Academy in Hereford, UK! It’s a year-long course that will equip you, challenge you, inspire you, and release you into all that God has.


“I knew there was a call on my life, but I wasn’t sure what it was. To be honest, I didn’t want to quit my job to do Academy; however, I saw the long-term significance of spending one year focusing on God. While on Academy, God healed me personally but also He showed me what He had called me to and how it is in line with building the church. Every single person needs to do Academy! It’ll change you for life.”

- Manning Callan

Academy in the US

Are you looking for your “more?” Join us for a residential Academy in Raleigh, NC! Our one-year leadership course is built for young adults (18-32) who want to discover all that God has called them to. Download the brochure to find out more!

Got Questions?

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