When did you start Freedom Churches in other locations?

In 2010, Freedom Church was a single-location church, in Hereford (UK). We had around 200 people attending each week, the church was growing and we’d recently been able to refurbish a new facility. It was against this backdrop that God gave us a vision to multiply.

We started a location in Cardiff (Wales) in 2011, and shortly after another location in Kampala (Uganda), where we’d been doing community work for some time. Next came our Bruges (Belgium) location followed shortly after by our locations in Siem Reap (Cambodia) and Swansea (Wales, UK).

Things stepped up a gear when we introduced 10|04 in 2014, a vision to start ten new locations in four years (2014-2017), including additional locations in the UK, South Africa, Kenya, and the Netherlands.

You can find out more about our story on the About pages of this website.