Is Freedom Church part of a denomination or larger ‘movement’ or ‘stream’ of churches?

Like many churches around the world, Freedom is a non-denominational ‘free’ church, which means we’re not part of a church denomination, and we’re not currently a branch of another church ‘movement’ or ‘stream’.

At Freedom Church, we believe that Christians are called, wherever possible, to be part of a local church, a relationship that is, realistically, likely to change as people journey through life, live in different places etc.

The Bible teaches that Christians are also part of the global or ‘universal’ church, which is much bigger than denominational distinctions and other divides, uniting all who follow Jesus as a single family or ‘body’ - a relationship that never changes.

Reflecting this belief, and in response to God’s call to uphold unity, Freedom Church is a member of the UK’s Evangelical Alliance (EA), a network of 4000 churches.
See the Evangelical Alliance website for more information about the EA and how it works.

Wherever we operate, we seek to connect with and maintain good relationships with other churches and church leaders, recognising that we are all working together to build God’s Kingdom.