How does Freedom Church manage its finances?

Freedom Church is a registered charity (Freedom Church Hereford, CIO No.1161926) and good stewardship is very important to us. We have policies and processes in place to ensure integrity, transparency and excellence in the use and handling of finance. Decisions relating to spending are never taken by one person alone (unless within pre-agreed budgets), requiring the approval of others at every level (including for every member of our Leadership Team).

To ensure appropriate and transparent management of finance, all of our UK location and department finances are managed by our Finance Team, based in Hereford, with the support of our accountant and independent auditors (Thompson & Co, Hereford). On occasion, our accounts have also been audited by an additional third party in compliance with legal requirements.

You can view more information about our finances, including our annual accounts on the Charity Commission Website (for accounts since 2015, see here. For accounts up to 2015, see here).