Does Freedom Church give money to other causes or organisations?

Freedom Church has been giving money to other causes and organisations for many years, including:

  • Partnering with ‘Treasured Kids’ a school and community programme in one of Kampala’s (Uganda) poorest areas, from 2006-2012.
  • Making the decision, in 2015, to give 10% of our income to support organisations and visions beyond the boundaries of our own church. We currently give this ‘tithe’ to NewSpring Church in South Carolina, USA. Find out more information about NewSpring Church here
  • From time to time, we take ‘special offerings’ to support specific causes or needs. Examples would include raising money and collecting items to send to refugees in Calais, France, or collecting money to help people with specific needs.

If you have any questions relating to finance in Freedom Church, please contact Jez Hailwood, Finance Director ([email protected]).