About Academy

We are passionate about raising up leadership and knowledge in Freedom Church, and we have a couple of options so that everyone interested can find the right fit for them!

Leadership Academy

A year-long course written specifically for young adults (18-30) who are passionate to see all that God has for them. The year includes classroom-based teaching, input from tutors from the central staff team, ministry from the leadership team and plenty of serving opportunities and trips. It includes classes in all aspects of church leadership, including a term engineered to equip and prepare future church planters. This course runs two days a week, with additional training streams optional in some locations. The Academy is currently available in our Hereford, Kampala and Siem Reap locations.


A series of short courses designed to inspire and equip individuals hoping to grow their knowledge of Christianity, to grow their character and increase in practical church-building skills. These 10-week courses are accessed online and will take one evening per week.